Ep. 3: Sam Ubl - Musky Fishing

I had the chance to talk with Sam Ubl the Founder of Chase Nation TV, and Co-Founder of the huntmore and fishmore app.  Sam knows his stuff when it comes to Musky.  We talk through his history of fishing musky, his success on the Professional Musky Tournament Trail, and what you need to know to catch one of these monsters of a fish.

Being known as a fish of 10,000 cast, musky aren't easy to bring to the net.  It takes a lot of hard work, but if you use the right gear, and fish in the right places you can greatly reduce the number of casts needed.  I walked away from this conversation knowing twenty times as much about musky fishing as I did going in.  We had a few technical difficulties, but if you can deal with those, I promise this will be worth your time!

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