Ep. 2: Mousing! - True North Trout



Ep. 2: Mousing! - True North Trout

Mousing for big browns is arguably one of the best ways to catch 20" fish.  I'll admit I was pretty intimidated by it at first.  Fishing in the dark, with no lights, with a fly rod, on a river??? I thought "No thanks I am all set."  However when you get an invite from someone like Brian Kozminski or "Koz" as he is affectionately known,  you don't say no.  Brian is one of the most knowledgeable trout anglers out there.  He has been guiding for many years, and you can tell he truly enjoys teaching others. 

Turns out, mousing is not as hard as one might think.  If you are like me and not overly skilled with a fly rod, you will be pleasantly surprised as to how easy it can be.  Sure you are going to get snagged up in trees you didn't see, there are going to be frustrating times, but that's fishing!  I promise you though, once you step into the darkness, you will be hooked!  I know I am, and this episode covers some of the reasons why.

For more info on Brian and his guide service visit his website here - http://truenorthtrout.com/

Seriously though if you want to learn anything about fly fishing take a trip with Brian.  This guy knows his stuff.

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